Lev is 7!

Lev is 7!


7 years ago our lovely son Lev was born. He was the hardest to get out of all, but! it was all worth it. He is the most wonderful sweet little boy with big heart.  He is charming, honest, kind to others, very sensitive and gentle. He loves cuddles, likes to play and make out rules for the games. He is the best in creating splendid fantasy  worlds and sometimes (when we are lucky) he lets us in. Lev also give the best cuddles (according to the judo instructor!) I agree with her Check it out for yourself! 🙂

Love and happiness overflow me , all I want to do is hug and kiss him all the time :))But Lev is 7! And slowly he will separate from me, from us …and that’s fine.

Time for birthday wishe!!!

Dear Lev,

we wishing you to grow into handsome and charming young boy with big kind heart. Keep in your heart everything that you have now, it’s a lot! You are wonderful and very special to us! We love you to bits!

Papa, Mama, Maksik i Mascha 




How we threw a Minecraft Birthday party!


M is 8 today! And as many kids of his age he is crazy about Minecraft. Without any doubts he wanted only Minecraft Party. Luckily his dad is computer and Minecraft friendly and managed to organise to play 8 boys in the multiplayer mode in one world. It worked! Boys had lots of fun. But they didn’t just play. I organised some games with M’s help. He even wrote a plan: guest list, party food and games they were doing to play 🙂

The plan of the Party by M.



Guests in the beginning of the party 🙂



The first game we played was “Pass the chest” (like in minecraft). The chest was crafted by M the day before and the prize inside was coconut! Boys and one girl (who got the prize) were laughing their socks of 🙂

Pass the chest


The next game was  “Creeper, creeper, Stampy”. Like the game duck, duck – goose 🙂


Duck,duck -goose


And the then we played “Diamond hunt”. M made a map of the house and garden. I heed the treasures  and the kids had to find them. Some of “diamonds” were really hard to find, they still managed to find them all. Boys will be boys!Diamond hunt

Dinner time!


And finally…long awaited Minecraft play in multiplayer mode, where they all could see each other, play with each other, share things etc. My lovely husband not only makes the most delicious cakes, he can also manage 8 very excited boys while they play minecraft. Surprisingly all worked out really well.



The birthday boy with the the most delicious chocolate homemade  (by daddy) cake in the world!




Thank you all the kids for coming , for lovely presents and for sharing this special day with M.


Happy birthday, our dear son!

Апрельские перлы детишек :)



Л.: “Мама, я – обжёгся, но я не плачу, я, ведь, мужчина!”

М.: “Я тоже, я плачу только по серьезным вещам”


После Пасхи. Левику очень понравилось “Христос Воскресе” и он целый день слушал на youtube пение. Потом с Максимом обсуждали Бога, воскрешение. И что те, кто умерли на небе с Богом или нет. И тут Левик говорит: “Я хотелбы быть с Богом. А Максик ему в ответ: “Тогда тебе нужно слушаться маму, убирать в своей комнате.” 🙂


Маша, увидела, как Л. вытираю попу и говорит: “Бейби!” А Л. ей в ответ: “Я – не бейби, Я – мужчина!”

Wonderful day full of lots of happenings…:)


In the morning M did the olympiad mathematical problems that was organised in Moscow, but online, anyone Russian speaking in the world could take part. So we did. There were 3 years, we attempted them all. First class – no mistakes, and finished quickly in 26 minutes (60 minutes were given), the class 2 and 3 problems were similar, but a bit more difficult.Max attempted them all, and did pretty well. Main thing – the tasks involved very few numbers and mostly required you to think. L also participated, watched very attentively 🙂

IMG_9653 IMG_9656 IMG_9663 IMG_9691

IMG_9692 IMG_9696

Then kids were off to play. They played a little bit in the garden, then M wanted to read a chapter from the book that we were reading for him, but ended up reading all till the end (there were approximately 4 chapters left). In the meantime L has made a Christmas tree out of what he could find, even prepared some Christmas presents, one was a heart and a new soup wrapped up in the piece of cloth, the other one – my ring and LOVE pendant that he present in such a sweet manner and reassured me that they were not from him, but from the Santa Claus 🙂

L also made this. “Pomogator” (helper – from the cartoon Fixiki). Wanted me to get it attached to him :).

Then we went off to the park to meet some old friends from the old days. Then in the evening we had some other friends over. M finished yet another rabbit hutch, that he started yesterday and was completely happy with it. On the previous day he was quite upset and frustrated as he could not fix roof. It looks pretty cool now!

Yesterday. Cooked this “soup” for the rabbit.

IMG_9645 IMG_9647

M is working. L is eating his tea. Pretty typical picture 🙂

IMG_9649 IMG_9650

Today the rabbit hutch is finished. M tried to make it as secure as possible. Looks to me like a castle, hardly any room to roam, but the main thing – it is secure 🙂


Science in the Park 2015


On Saturday 21 March we have come to Wollaton Park to attend Science in the Park event. The organisers promised it to be yet another year of exciting displays and activities for all ages. We’ve come at around 2pm, and stayed until 4pm, till the very last minute, and kids still wanted to do more. So it was very interesting.

So the kids enjoyed doing bacteria, pinhole cameras, looked at the different lights, fed snails, tried to steer the airplane on the simulator and more.

The most exciting and interesting activity was live show “Physics live!” organised by students from the UoN physics department. The students put their heart in the experiments, interacted with auditorium, involved children, made them laugh and learn. Thank you so much!
Designing bacteria

Making bacteria.SiP.2015

Here are some of the experiments from Physics Live!

Exploring the pressure. And the experiment with vacuum canon. It really amazed everyone, despite the first failed attempt.

Vacuum canon


Exploring the properties of sound and the Vortex cannon. That was real fun, children were called out and asked if they can move the polystyrene cups with the force of their shouting. Well…they tried their best, but to no avail :). With the help of the vortex cannon it is was super easy.


vortex cannon


To finish with there were the experiments with liquid nitrogen and highlight of the event – the making a real cloud by combing the liquid nitrogen which is very cold and boiling water. The effect was pretty amazing.




Peaceful day at home.


After a super busy weekend we stayed at home. In the morning M did some math from his workbooks, L did some too from his sticker books. We played some math games like “what number comes next or before the number”, “prohibited number” (where you need to quickly show the numbers with your fingers except the prohibited number). L did pretty well, that surprised me. During free play M packed L as a present, that was a kitten “Polosatik” (stripy) send to us from Paris (Hello, Aunty Masha from Paris). Max made a schedule for him :). Their game was so sweet. When L went to the toilet I overheard  M saying to him: “You need always to stay on all fours”, L replied “I can’t wee on all four” :).  They were pretty serious in their talk, made me smile.

While Masha had a day nap we managed to make some soap figurines


The little sister was still asleep and I offered the boys to do some paintings. They did. Beautiful birds of happiness inspired by the film “Up” ( if someone did not see the film, they should definitely do, another masterpiece from Pixar)

IMG_9308 IMG_9321 IMG_9312   IMG_9314 IMG_9315


I love L’s bird (below), I think it’s amazing. Boys did try to figure out whose bird is more beautiful. I tried to reassure them saying every painting is unique and that they were painting their own birds, so they just meant to be different, they still had some discussion between them and agreed that they are the same 🙂